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A Celebrity Role-Playing Game

APPLICATION GUIDELINES We will ONLY be accepting people who can be considered a celebrity; this basically means that the celebrity you wish to play should fall into one of the following categories: ACTOR/ACTRESS, MUSICIAN, MODEL. That means we won't allow relations, friends, etc. of a celebrity, unless they are also in the business. If your celebrity falls under more than one category, simply state which one they are most-known for

The update guidelines will loosely run as follows: You will have two weeks from the time you are accepted (as in, when WE announce that you're accepted and are added to the community) to update your journal with a substantial update. At that time, you will be removed from the community and your celebrity will be up for grabs

AIM screen names and email addresses are not required, but recommended. The roleplaying will take place over threading, emails, and instant messaging. Basically it's up to you and whomever you are roleplaying with to decide on the form that works best for all involved

Journal user names, AIM screen names, and email addresses should pertain to your celebrity's name, without the use of excessive underscores, numbers, or random letters. Your journal user name should ONLY contain your celebrity's name, or parts thereof. We do realize that it's difficult to find good user names for certain celebrities, but it's not impossible. AIM names and email addresses are more flexible, but must contain either their first or last name. Your journals are not required to be friends-locked, but it is encouraged

We have no limit as to how many characters you may apply as, but we ask you to limit yourself to what you can handle. Just keep in mind the two-week update limit. If you take on too many, please feel free to drop a character or so until you're comfortable. After all, we want this to be fun, not stressful

There are rules to follow once you're accepted into the community, and these will be covered in this section. Keep your out of character business, prejudices, and enemies out of the community. This is non-negotiable, and will be strictly enforced. We understand that being a part of a community for awhile will let you get to know members OOC, but we ask that you don't announce things like "Such-and-such is really whats-their-face in real life", or treat a member a certain way because of who they are OOC. This is a role-play game and we're here to role-play, so let's keep it that way

Storylines between members are encouraged to be creative, but not out-of-bounds with reality. Pregnancies, divorces, and other such situations must be run the amount of time that it takes in reality. This isn't The Sims 2, so you're not going to pop out a kid in three days. If your celebrity has kids or is in a relationship in real life, you're more than welcome to REALISTICALLY take them out of the picture. Make sure to write it out in your introduction, so that other members who may have a part in it are aware of the fact. If necessary, feel free to email or IM the members about the situation beforehand

Please check the TAKEN list before you apply HERE

Once accepted please make sure that a link to the DISCLAIMER is posted in the website portion of your userinfo

With your celebrity's journal, you must join the following communities:

Questions, comments, or concerns? You can reach us at hollywoodca.mods@gmail.com